Bukit Timah offers a variety of amenities including Bukit Timah Hill

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Forett at Bukit Timah provides a unique combination of luxury, nature and life style. It’s the newest joint venture of Qingjian Realty Limited and Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited. Forett At Bukit Timah condominium is an exceptional combination of design, nature and luxurious. It was made by working together with Qingjian Realty Limited and Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited.

Bukit Timah. A neighborhood that instantly conjure images of privacy, greenery and luxury. You’ll discover a 163-ha Nature Reserve including, Singapore’s highest hike, Bukit Timah Hill. You’ll be able to find the most sought-after in Singaporeans and expatriates settling down to peace each evening. In addition, it’s where you’ll get the best residence addresses.

Bukit Timah offers a dazzling variety of educational and enrichment opportunities. From Singapore’s top schools to art, music and physical fitness programs There’s no better place to raise a well-rounded child.


SPRING is a fresh start, a promise new it’s colours light, flowers bloom it’s green, green grass with air so sweet it’s falling in Love, it’s Hope ETERNAL

“SUMMER” has youth and it’s joy. It’s energy, sunshine-soaked skins in blue skies that are clear and clear. It’s vivid shades, vivid memories, it’s telling the story of Life, I want all your loving

AUTUMN is a moment of pause, an opportunity to think about your thoughts, while taking long walks through deep thought, it’s making notes on your life by singing a tune in your mind or an incessant SONATA

Winter concludes each year’s tradition. Parties, gatherings and plenty of joy, warm food, hug warmly to make your home a Wonderland

What are our top characteristics in Forett in Bukit Timah’s three bedroom Deluxe unit (Type C1b)?

  • A long hall at the main entrance gives privacy
  • A balcony to cultivate your own home-grown food garden
  • A shelter for the household that is directly connected to the kitchen (this provides extra storage space for kitchen equipment as well as household equipment!)

For those planning to begin the household, Forett is surrounded by nature, with excellent schools in every direction. It’s the ideal place for your child to grow up in. With options ranging from 1+ study units to 5 bedroom apartments, Forett is a rare freehold opportunity for those who are looking to build or invest in their own legacy home.

With 1,442 square feet at 1,442 sqft, the four Bedroom Suite Unit (Type D3) located in Forett located in Bukit Timah is the biggest space in our gallery of sales!

The apartment with a large and wide balcony that you can host your family and friends to enjoy a meal alfresco beneath the starry skies (no more than five people of course!). You can now take pleasure in dining outside, without needing to leave your the comfort of your home!

Why should you choose FORETT BUKIT Timah


  • Forett In Bukit Timah — nestled amid all the greenery and lushness of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the old Beauty World neighbourhood, and the lively Rail Corridor.
  • Beauty World will be transformed into a portal for exploring Singapore’s most adored natural and heritage spots.
  • Connectivity meets comfort in the forthcoming Integrated Transport Hub.

2. The enduring appeal of FreeHOLD STATUS.

  • Forett In Bukit Timah is that rare opportunity to own the property at one of Singapore’s most prestigious freehold condominium projects, which covers more than 360,000 square feet which is equivalent to six soccer fields.
  • You can be at ease knowing that freehold will keep its value beyond the first few years of ownership.


  • It takes only 10 minutes to walk from Beauty World MRT station on the Downtown Line.
  • Walking for just a few minutes will lead you to local landmarks such as Bukit Timah Timah Mall, Beauty World Plaza, and Beauty World Shopping Centre.
  • The luxury lifestyle is at hand in just 20 minutes in a vehicle, and is accompanied by vibrant nightlife and hip food joints in Holland Village.


  • Forett in Bukit Timah’s 4 pavilions will create the ideal setting for all things from a relaxing tea ceremony to a classy dining experience.
  • Choose one of the five pools for an afternoon of fun in the water Enjoy a splash with the kids in The Kid’s Pool, or get fit by swimming in the three lap pool and an infinity swimming pool.
  • The highlight is the roof Sky Terrace, with Teppanyaki Sky Lounge, a private gathering with stunning views of Singapore’s most beautiful natural spots.

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